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M.T Freelance Editing provides me with professional, full service, proofreading and editing to a high standard that satisfies my needs and industry requirements as an independently published Amazon Best Selling Author.

Melissa Bell, Author



M.T Freelance Editing offers a superbly fast, excellent and reliable service. Michele Thompson's skill and accuracy for detail is second to none, making her the only option for a new, or seasoned author.


David Owain Hughes, Author

  Truthfully, with my first novel, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a professional editor. I was absolutely fortunate to land with Michele at M.T. Freelance Editing. She’s precise, professional, supportive and a genuinely lovely person to work with.

I had a conversation just the other day with one of my pricklier library patrons who had read my book. She’s not a fan of fantasy, but had read it as a gesture of kindness to me. Aside from my stubborn insistence on introducing ‘too many fantastic creatures’ for her taste, she took special care to let me know how much she appreciated the precision of the grammar and excellence of the proofing. No mermaids or Phoukas for that fan, but give her an excellently used semicolon and she was a happy camper!

I highly recommend working with Michele as often as humanly possible. She’s an excellent editor and a wonderful colleague! 


Sarah Dale, Author


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